Job Search Support and Internship for Foreign Students

Understand Japan company recruiting 日本の就職活動を掴む

We find many cases that japan company recruiting is complicated and they hold many selection steps for recruiting,
and also is different from industry type or occupation.

We are able to catch basic know-how and trend for japan seeking and we can do it.

Join group activities for practice アクティビティで実践練習

We try some activities for job seeking in the class room.
We find what to do for job seeking in Japan and share with the students from other school.

The members can advise you and you can also do, then we understand company recruiting HR staff view point.

Discuss your carrier plan with us 皆で将来のキャリアを語りましょう

Our class rooms are organized by many members from other schools.
We can share our desire or carrier plan for job seeking and discuss for the future.
It will be important opportunity for us to hear and talk the other members plan.

Come on and Join us.

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Job Search Support 就活支援


Training & Internship ビジネス研修・インターン